Another Month Down

  Another month has gone by and another month of racing in the books! There had been a lot of ups and downs over the course of the last month. Starting off with our trip to Motor Mile Dragway for a un conventional format of a race were you could carry a mulligan card that […]

The Month Long Recap

    Things have been busier than ever here at SR. Unfortunately we have been so swamped that it has been a little over a month since I could sit down and actually write something. So let’s take a little trip back to the early part of April and I will try to make it […]

The Start Of The 2014 Season!

It hard to believe that we are back racing already when we have hardly seen temperatures above freezing in the past two months, I guess it’s all based on how far you want to drive! For myself I was willing to drive six and a half hours away to Virginia Motorsports Park for the first […]

A Little More Progress

You wouldn’t know it looking out your window or going out to get the mail, but Spring is approaching quickly. With every project we complete, the racing season creeps closer. And, luckily, we’re one step closer to being prepared for everything to start! Being 100% ready for the first race of the year is priceless. […]

Bitter Sweet Ending

The always bittersweet last race of the year feeling has finally sunk in, Over Thanksgiving weekend Amanda and I traveled back down to North Carolina this time to Julian, NC home of Piedmont Dragway. I’ve had a little success at Piedmont winning there back in 2010 but haven’t been able to make it back since. […]

Classic Recap

As they say better late than never! We are a little slow with this update but we have been busier than ever at S&R. In the last writings I had just come off an awesome 5k victory at PRP’s Halloween Race. That very next Sunday brought us to SMP for the start of the weeklong […]

The Last Day

Well this past weekend concluded our yearly point’s race at SMP, Going into the weekend Steve, Amanda, and myself had a lot to both lose and gain. Steve was in contention for the number one spot still at that point and put forth a great effort to get it done but ended up in a […]