It hard to believe that we are back racing already when we have hardly seen temperatures above freezing in the past two months, I guess it’s all based on how far you want to drive! For myself I was willing to drive six and a half hours away to Virginia Motorsports Park for the first Loose Rockers Promoted event of the season. This year is the earliest I’ve ever been able to start racing and it was a time crunch none the less. I had not a lot on the plate as far as changes for the Spirit but fighting seemingly never ending snow and cold it felt like it would never get accomplished.

The trip started out Thursday after I was done with work as I met up with Bubba Black and we would follow each other down, the trip was smooth and great couldn’t have asked for better, that was until we reached our hotel for the night. Our printed out reservation showed that we had booked a room with two double beds and upon arrival that somehow got changed to “we must have accidently given your room away and all we have left is a handicap room with one king size bed” So instead of standing in the lobby and having leisurely midnight argument we elected to go the rout of adding two cots to the room and making it all work out, Needless to say we got a pretty awesome rate for the weekend after that incident.

Friday was the opening race with a big five thousand dollar purse at the end of it. Did I mention that I drove six and a half hours from home with a car that I hadn’t even finished yet? So we get to the track a little early so I can tie up a few loose ends that I wasn’t able to get to before we left and shortly after we are on track! The first pass of the 2014 was nothing to write home about, In fact it involved a lot of smoke at the top end of the track, from what you ask?  Well your guess is as good as mine! I looked over some stuff didn’t see anything obvious so I said heck with it and rolled in the lanes for my second time run and it went flawlessly. I’m assuming the car didn’t enjoy the long cold winter either it was not liking the first blast down the track. Shortly after we rolled into eliminations and it went so so, my first recorded run was impressive  the rest in fact looked as if Ray Charles had been driving for the first day, I had a lot of luck and a couple actual good runs and somehow managed to make it down to 6 cars before my night came to an end, Luckily enough we worked out a pretty solid split at 6 cars to the losers and I was able to cover just about all my trip costs in day one which is always a relief. The not so good news of the night was my travel partner Bubba hurt the motor in his race truck and was out of competition for the weekend, Knowing how I would feel in that situation I proposed the idea of us both running in the Top class on Saturday and just having him run one of my entries in the Spirit, Our plan sounded great on paper but only lasted until the second round of competition on Saturdays 10k race so we spent a couple hours just spectating and enjoying the 60 degree weather because it’s been a long time since we’ve seen that.


Sunday was our last effort to come out ahead on the weekend so Bubba and I had talked and since there was pending weather for the day that would likely stop racing short he said to go ahead and run both my entries in Foot Brake again and try to make the eventual rain split. I managed to make it in with just one entry losing my first one the round right before the rain. All in all I would consider the weekend a success we made it down and back (through a snow storm) in one piece with a little bit of spending money at the end of the weekend and got to enjoy a little early season racing.

A big Thank You to everyone involved in making this past weekend’s race a big success, Michael Beard and Anthony Walton put a tremendous amount of effort into making sure their events are top notch, the VMP crew for an awesome race facility and track surface. Thank You to Kevin at Nitroplate for contributing certificates to each bye run over the weekend I was lucky enough to snag two of them and after having my headers coated this past winter there is no other place to go for high temp coatings! I’m not sure what the next month will bring in as far as racing in the north but keep posted for updates if we happen to sneak out anywhere in the mean time!



A Little More Progress

by Steve O on January 30, 2014

You wouldn’t know it looking out your window or going out to get the mail, but Spring is approaching quickly. With every project we complete, the racing season creeps closer. And, luckily, we’re one step closer to being prepared for everything to start! Being 100% ready for the first race of the year is priceless. Worrying and racing never mix.

With a little polishing on the wheels and some interior detailing, she will be like new! To me, a fresh coat of paint is like getting a haircut, It wipes away the old and gives you a new confidence. Let’s hope that confidence can be transferred to the track.

Now for some eye candy of the old Ford’s face lift.



Time to play “Catch Up”

by Steve O January 4, 2014

Time for me has been a precious commodity for the past year. August though November is my busiest time of year for work. Unfortunately it also happens to be the busiest time of year for racing. Good work is hard to find these days & I am thankful to have a job that is rewarding […]

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Bitter Sweet Ending

by Matt Obertanec December 10, 2013

The always bittersweet last race of the year feeling has finally sunk in, Over Thanksgiving weekend Amanda and I traveled back down to North Carolina this time to Julian, NC home of Piedmont Dragway. I’ve had a little success at Piedmont winning there back in 2010 but haven’t been able to make it back since. […]

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Classic Recap

by Matt Obertanec November 8, 2013

As they say better late than never! We are a little slow with this update but we have been busier than ever at S&R. In the last writings I had just come off an awesome 5k victory at PRP’s Halloween Race. That very next Sunday brought us to SMP for the start of the weeklong […]

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Bringing Home The Bacon!

by Matt Obertanec October 16, 2013

The great news keeps on rolling here at S&R, The weekend plans got moved around mid-week but it all worked out in the end, Originally Steve and myself planned on attending PRP’s Halloween race but due to a schedule change he was unable to make it down. So I still decided to go to PRP […]

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The Last Day

by Matt Obertanec October 2, 2013

Well this past weekend concluded our yearly point’s race at SMP, Going into the weekend Steve, Amanda, and myself had a lot to both lose and gain. Steve was in contention for the number one spot still at that point and put forth a great effort to get it done but ended up in a […]

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Our Bracket Finals Weekend

by Matt Obertanec September 19, 2013

Last week entailed new adventures for half of StevAnd Racing, Amanda and I headed up to US131 in Martin Michigan for the Division 5 IHRA bracket Finals. This was both our first times to Martin as well as it being Amanda’s first bracket finals as a participant. The action started on Friday with a gambler […]

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Strong Mid-Season

by Matt Obertanec September 6, 2013

We here at StevAnd Racing have been grateful enough to enjoy a very successful mid-season and look forward to hanging on to that momentum throughout the rest of the season.  Here is a little recap of what took place last weekend. We didn’t start our weekends out all that great but we made up for […]

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The Two Week Recap

by Matt Obertanec August 28, 2013

The last two weeks have been fun filled action at none other than Pittsburgh Raceway Park, Last week they had their “Night of Fire” race. Somewhat similar to tracks in the surrounding areas around this time of year they will all put on a little show to get people at the track to enjoy the […]

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