Thrash to the Beginning!

This is the first Driver Blog! Throughout the season, Steve, Matt, or Andy Obertanec will weigh in with their personal experiences or funny track stories. There’s no better way to learn about Stevand Racing than to hear it straight from the family that is making it happen.

By Steve Obertanec

When the snow thaws & the tulips pop their pretty little heads out of the ground we start to think racing! Then the fear sets in. We start to ask ourselves what do I have to do to get ready? This week all that comes to a sudden end & we start the racing season.

I am in the process of updating some things in my trailer. Last year was my first time in 20 years of racing to finally buy an enclosed trailer. I used it all last year & researched how I wanted to finish the inside. Between the cold & the wind the past couple of weeks I managed to get new 110v lighting, painted the rear floor & put in diamond plate runners. I did the final update of putting some glue down vinyl tile up front as a work area. Some day it will have cabinets but for now it’s done. We need to get loaded for the races.

I didn’t really mess with the car this winter other than winterizing it after the Halloween Classic. I got the slicks back on, put in an updated window net & got my safety gear out of the closet. All that is left is to finish loading all the support equipment, change the oil on the car & load it up. I can only hope it runs as good as it did when I put it away for the winter.

 Matt on the other hand has had a lot more work getting ready this year than i have. His winter upgrades include switching from a 727 transmission to a 2 speed Powerglide. He added a front plate to his motor for added support. His motor had a full year on it last year so we decided to look & some bearings & make sure it was good to go for this year. Everything looked perfect until we got to the #4 main bearing. The bearing was scorn so we disassembled the motor, polished the crank, & re assembled with new bearings & gaskets. That was an un expected $300 or so.

Matt has a few things to tidy up yet before he is ready. Matt lives near Pittsburgh & comes up on the weekends to work on things & race. He will be here Friday night to start his mad dash. We got the motor started in the car last weekend & the new trans seems to work fine. There is a header leak to fix, slicks to put back on, & a small carburetor issue.  

 Even though it sounds like only a few easy things to do, any one of them small items can turn into a major project or even just a first round loss. I always look foreward to the first race of the year but it scares me to death! Wish us luck & keep an eye out for ongoing updates and results.

 Steve O


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