Soggy Start

At this time of year you never know what your going to get dealt!

My weekend starts off with a mid-Friday decision to skip out of work two hours early to get a jump on the work I need to get done on the car before the big weekend.

I start my two hour journey from work to tropical Lodi with a quick stop at Summit Racing Equipment for some last minute parts. I get in town around 7:30pm, pull the car out of the trailer and start thrashing. At about midnight – and 35 degrees – I decided to call it quits for the night and get a fresh start in the morning.

So about 8:30 (and I’m not a real morning person) I get after it again. I had every intention on leaving for the track at 9:00 am. Well, lets just say that did not happen. With the clock working its way towards 11:00 am, I decided to just bubble gum everything back together head out and hope for the best.

Lucky for me, as soon as we pulled into the track there was a rain snow mix storm that blew through and put the knife in the day. So now its back to working on the car for the week and fixing things the right way and get ready to hit it hard next weekend with a points race at Summit Motorsports Park on Saturday and our first points race at Dragway 42 on Sunday.


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