Dragway 42 Test & Tune 4/29

Boy am I glad it rained yesterday! I was pretty confident that the old Gremlin would run as good as it did when it was put away for the winter after the Halloween Classic last fall.

Everything looked good until the car got out far enough to shift into high gear. It decided to nose over & lose power. I lifted & coasted. I was puzzled. I drove it back to the pit area & started looking things over. I cleaned the fuel filter & raised the floats in the carburetor a little & headed back up to try again but wound up with the same results.

So what to do next??? Yep, I tore it all apart. It had to be a fuel delivery problem. I checked everything possible. I even took the fuel pump apart. I still found nothing . I had nothing left to lose so i tried it again but i tamed down the launch & the shift rpm to see if it might change the way it went down the track & see what was causing it. It ran like a champ! A little slow because of the short launch & low rpm shift but still felt good.

I made one final pass to make sure life was good with everything where it should be & it went a 6.55 @ 103 mph in the 1/8 mile. Perfect!

Not a bad day overall. It was beautiful out & a perfect day for racing. I did have to work on things but when it’s warm & sunny it’s not so bad. I am glad I got some bugs worked out & things seem ready for next weekend @ Summit Motorsports Park. I was also happy I got to visit with some friends not seen since last fall. I can’t wait for some real racing!


4 thoughts on “Dragway 42 Test & Tune 4/29”

  1. I’m glad to hear yours is up & running. I give you a lot of credit for sticking with it. It was a perfect day to have a problem. I really had a good time today even when I was working on my junk.

  2. Are you really having this discussion at 3am? Wow! Glad its all worked out, now we can concentrate for this weekend.

  3. You see Jeff, Me & Gary communicate in a different dimension… I’m really hoping its gone for good. I hate those mystery problems. You know how fun they are.

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