Weekly Update May 5th and 6th

After last week’s rainout at Summit Motorsports Park and a test and tune at Dragway 42, the weekend of May 5th– 6th was the first official race weekend for Stevand Racing in 2012.

 Saturday at SummitMotorsportsParkwasn’t perfect for Steve and Matt Obertanec, but there were valuable points earned and important lessons learned.

Matt’s AMC Spirit ran slower than expected after switching to a new 2-speed transmission, but the motor ran well and Matt adapted well to a bed situation. Matt made it down to 16 cars before he was knocked out, but every race counts against some of the best racers in the country atSummitMotorsportsPark.

Steve’s first two runs atSummitMotorsportsParkwere exactly how he wanted to start the year. He ran 10.41 seconds at 125 MPH with a good reaction time on his first run in his AMC Gremlin and mirrored that almost exactly on his second run. Unfortunately, our guys can get beat even when they put together almost perfect runs. Such is life down inNorwalk,Ohio, the home ofSummitMotorsportsPark.

Sunday at Dragway 42 was crowded in anticipation of racing on the new concrete racing surface installed before the first big points meet of 2012. Big crowds are fantastic for a lot of reasons, but there is one downside; not a lot of time for pre-race time trials to get a feel for how your car is acting that day.

With only one time trial for each driver, Matt didn’t have the opportunity he would have like to have in order to tinker with his car and get a little bit more consistency and speed. Matt did a great job of adjusting on the fly for the second day in a row making it to the third round. Just like Steve on Saturday, Matt ran dead on his number in his third round loss, but his opponent did, too. Losing by a couple of hundredths of a second on your reaction time on a perfect run is a big time bummer, but knowing that run will win 8 our of 10 times lets you sleep at night.

Steve made it all the way to semi-finals before finally getting knocked out because of a red light (crossing the starting line too soon) by one hundredth of a second.

Matt and Steve both earned some points toward their year end championships and Steve’s semifinal appearance made the first weekend of 2012 a successful one. Make sure to stop by @StevandRacing on twitter and on facebook to congratulate the team on their weekend and keep up to date with the Stevand Racing Team news and appearances.

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