What A Week!

It is amazing what you can get done in a week that would typically take a winter’s worth of work to do!

This past week was a perfect example of hurry up and get it done. With the weather forecast looking great for the past weekend it was not an option to sit it out. My big issue was that pesky header leak that had to be fixed. What should have been an easy task turned into something more than that.

Its almost impossible to get the header out of my 1980 Spirit because under the hood is so cramped,so I had to start by pulling out the transmission. It didn’t take long to figure out that taking the transmission out wasn’t going to work, either. I ended up having to unbolt the motor and lift it up to get enough room to slide out the header. Once out it was easy to inspect and see that the flange of the header that mates to the engine was warped. A little work with a grinder and we were good to go.

From Craziest Gadgets. Click this picture for a cool video and post!

Fast forward a couple days to a situation that proves it’s nice to have really good and helpful friends. That situation was getting the transmission back in the car! After trying it on my own and having the transmission almost end up on me a few times, I decided to call a friend of mine for help. He unselfishly dropped what he was doing to run over and help me get everything back in place. Its always better to have another set of hands!

Friday comes along and I pack up to head for Ohio with plans for a quick stop at Quacker City Motorsports Park to make a couple of test passes. As luck would have it, as soon as I hit the exit to get to the track it starts pouring. It looks like were are going to Summit Motorsports Park for our first points race with zero runs on the car.

Even though the car was not 100%, I still managed to do well enough to make it down to 16 cars. I red lighted that run, but it didn’t matter much because my opponent was .006 (of a SECOND!) away from laying down a perfect pass.

Sunday brought us to Dragway42 and even though I was still dealing with some car issues I made it to the 3rd round where i lost a pretty close race.

All in all, there was a lot of work for the week but it paid off during the weekend. There are still a few changes that I need to do to the car and this week will involve phone calls to companies like ATI torque converters to see witch direction I should head next.

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