Beat By The Heat

I know what your thinking and no this is not my failed attempt to try and talk about the NBA and Lebron James. More so it has a lot to do with my mismanagement of the high heat in the summer.

Friday night started in our recent typical fashion; working on one of the cars! This time my Spirit wasn’t the cause of the frustrations. It was getting Steve’s car back in working order. As Steve talked about earlier in the week everything was in order to go together on his transmission aside from waiting on some parts to come in. Well luck would have it just about the time I got into town Steve was getting back from the garage with the freshly rebuilt transmission. So after a short talk I twisted Steve’s arm into putting it in Friday night at 9:30PM, in the pitch black with one shop light in the driveway and about a thousand mosquitoes helping the process.

Saturday comes along and HOT is the word for the day. I’ve never really dealt with the hot weather we;;, so I tried to prepare myself the best I could made sure to eat and hydrate as much as possible. I made it through my two time trails just fine but could feel that dreaded headache start to come into play. I took it easy for a while and waited around for the first round call. By that time my headache had almost subsided. I make it through my first round great with .008 seconds on the tree and have enough room to roll out of it to finish safely above my 10.65 dial-in. Make it back to the trailer and was like someone flipped the switch on me and that headache was back with vengeance. At that point I hide in the truck and try to chill out in the air for a while. A little over an hour or so passes and were called back up to the lanes for round two. Feeling miserable I drag myself to the car in a zombie like fashion. By time I get up there they have just about the whole class run out. I make it as far as just about ready to pull out when the trigger tripped. To save the great details I ran for the first thing that looked like a garbage can! Needless to say I wasnt able to make it down the track that round and my opponent got a single run. The on going joke of the racing community is you find a new way to lose every time out. Well that was sure the case for this weekend. After a quick check out at the ambulance they determined I was alright and it was likely the heat had got to me from the day.

This weeks strategy is to figure out how to make sure that never happens again! Being that we are just starting into the summer months that means the weather will only get hotter. Along with that this week brings another trip to Summit Motorsports Park for there “No Box Bonanza” race witch also means a short work week due to their Friday, Saturday and Sunday race format. As always if you have some free time stop on by and check us out!

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