Weekend Update 8-19

Back at ya! Another week has gone by and well…. there is no new news! Unfortunately we didn’t have racing anywhere on Saturday witch turned out to be a great day for it. Sunday witch also started out looking great ended up rainingĀ  just about the same time our first round was ready to get underway at Dragway 42. Same as the week before Steve and I both got to make one time trailĀ and then the rain set in. The only good thing about this weekend was we didn’t have three days invested to make that one pass. Remember when about a month ago I said that we were getting ready to get into busy season? I’m sure starting to eat those words since we haven’t raced in about a month it seems like. But I assure you once we get these pesky little rain storms out of the way its go time!

This week its back at SMP for Steve and I for one of only two points races left for the year so if there was ever a time for us to step up our game it would be about now. But we are both looking forward to it so we will just have to see how the cards fall. Sunday has nothing on the schedule for right now but this one day a week racing stuff is starting to get to me so i might have to try to make a trip somewhere on Sunday.

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