Big Weekend

Well, the last week turned out to be a series of strange events. The forecast  was showing nearly 100% chance of rain for Saturday. It looked bleak as to if we would even get the chance to contend out last points race of the year at SMP, But waking up it turned out the be the exact opposite. it was a perfect day for racing!

 So how did everything go you ask?…It didn’t! As luck would have it (for some people and not so much for other people) there must have been a lightning strike  in the over night storms that hit and fried parts of the tracks timing system. No timing system means no racing. You ask were does that leave us for the end of the year? It leaves Steve with a good finish for the year in seventh place. For this he will receive some money at the end of the year and for the second year in a row qualifies for the NHRA bracket finals contested this weekend in Indy. Steve will be making the trip out Thursday at some point and hopefully following up last years performance but just a touch better seeing as he made it to the semifinals last year. As for myself I do not have much to show for there this year @ SMP. The times I showed up this year I did great but as fate would have it due to sickness social gatherings and so on I managed to have a great start to the season and fizzle out at the end finishing in a tie for what I believe is twenty fourth (I stopped looking a while ago) So that means to end of the year money and no Super 64 runoff. But you just can’t dwell on the what if’s and should of’s.

On the other hand there is our Sunday racing at Dragway 42. Witch Sunday, due to some unforeseen rain put an early end to the day with yet again just one time trial down the track and no eliminations. As Steve touched on before due to some sort of points sign up errors I moved from third in the standings to first. This coming weekend will be a big one for me as well with a double points race this Saturday and Sunday. These are also the last two races before the IHRA bracket finals at Pittsburgh so I have a lot to gain or lose. Indy being this weekend is somewhat of a help because a few of the drivers (Steve included) will not be able to make it to the last two points races so it gives me a little buffer, not much though due to good friend Jose Diaz being in second place and only two rounds behind and he will be there for the two days of points racing.

Nail Biting Time

Hopefully after this weekend Steve and myself will have nothing but good things to talk about. In this sport as most of you have probably figured out by now you never count your eggs until they hatch because anything and everything will happen before then. So stay tuned and we will bring you an update next week filled with all the details!

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  1. Apparently updates are slow this week…. I hope that’s because matt is celebrating his 42 points championship and Steve won the Wally. The prior I know as fact, the later I gather from go’s post. Gives me chills to think about….

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