The Updates Of All Updates!

Well, I’d say we can check off the weekend as a huge success for Stevand Racing! It started early in the weekend with Steve O grabbing the win on Friday nights Shootout races @ the  NHRA Bracket Finals in Indy. No better way to start off a weekend with a win to bring in some money to help offset the cost of the long trip. My weekend got under way Saturday evening at Dragway 42 I spent the better part of the morning working on some stuff on the car and cleaning out my trailer. Eliminations were scheduled to start around 7pm Saturday night. 

Rolling in the gate Saturday I had a lot to lose. Only being ahead by only two rounds is definitely not ideal. The place was packed and there was plenty of opportunity for Jose to make a move and pass me in the points. But just like any other race you just have to take it a round at a time and focus on what your doing at that point and not look at what you could win or lose. Just like that, it seemed that it was time for first round. I managed to make it through first round as well as a few more making it down to seven cars losing in the fifth round. Jose went out two rounds before I did so I was able to extend my lead to a total of four rounds, A little better yet but still not in the books. As well as my excitement we were getting constant updates from Steve in Indy who had made it through first round of the main event witch is all they are scheduled to run on Saturday.

Sunday. Today is the day to make it happen for the both of us. Steve starts his day earlier then I and proceeds to march on to yet another round win for the weekend. I managed to make two decent time trials and was ready to rock for eliminations. Soon enough we get the call for round one. There is a decent amount at stake here. There are just as many cars today as yesterday so one wrong move on my part and its very easy for Jose to pass me up. We fill in our two lanes and just so happens I get to watch Jose go down before I do. Very fortunate for me Jose kicked it red first round and at that point I was now the 2012 Dragway42 Modified track champ! Needless to say it was like a big weight was lifted. Even though all that was going on I was still in the lanes for round one and there was a thousand dollars up for grabs so I wanted a piece of that too. I managed to make it down to five cars losing in the fifth round yet again in what was an awesome race with Jon Lowery who went on to double up for the weekend winning both Saturdays and Sundays races.

Meanwhile all through this we were receiving round by round updates from Steve at Indy and just like last year was knocking them down one by one. Posting up a string of stellar reaction times it looked as if he would be trying to make a clean sweep for the weekend. But as luck would have it he fell just a bit short at eight cars to an always tough Clayton Clark. Even though Steve was going rounds it wasn’t without troubles. Steve made a “shocking” discovery right before the round he lost when he got into a fight with the coil wire on the car , Lets just say the coil won that round.

The overall weekend was a great one for the both of us and now we head to Pittsburgh Raceway Park to compete at the IHRA Div. 3 Bracket Finals. Where on Friday I will compete in the Summit Super Series Run off  that would qualify me for a trip to Memphis Tennessee to run for a shot at the world championship. So big things on the horizon stay tuned for all the updates!

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