Another Successful Weekend

The title pretty much sums it all up, but with success there are always obstacles to overcome. This was another week of unforeseen dilemmas. If you recall I left last week complaining about having to spend four hundred dollars in tires for my Spirit. Well that did’t happen, apparently it was some sort of sign that I shouldn’t buy tires because the Monday that I had the guy call and place the order he was quick to call back and tell me the owner of Hoosier Tires had died and there was no one in the office to process the orders, so after waiting another day, I tried back and still no luck. Yes there were other options on getting them but at this point I had burned up half a week trying to do it this way and it was going to be a hassle to get. So a call to Steve and he brought a used set that he had in storage to try out.

Now for the bad news! On Thursday night I was driving home in my truck and I hear this unusual sound coming from under the truck. I listen closer and it does it again, I think to myself, “oh, that’s weird” and proceed on not thinking much of it until of course I get to the next stop sign and now my truck wont shift out of first gear! Just great. So I limp  home and start to do some research on what it could be. I pretty much come to the conclusion that its not any of the “simple fix” problems that those trucks are known for. So here I am one night before a three day race with a broken tow vehicle and a car and trailer that are to big for any truck I can borrow. Now what? I make a call to a family friend of ours Hayden (Mr. Ford mechanic) and he pretty much confirms me that I’m screwed! But thankfully he is willing to help out and to the tune of $2,100 i can get a new Ford direct transmission for my truck. (That $400 for tires doesn’t seem so bad now) So we set it up to get it to his place and fixed in a few weekends from now.

Now that we have that all figured out I still have to find a way to get my stuff to the track , luckily Steve made it in town early enough to drive to the track and drive back to my house (45 minute drive) and get us back to the track just in time to sneak into the lanes with the last class running for our one and only time trial for the night. We made our passes and everything went smooth as silk. So smooth that Steve made the last minute call to enter both Top and Mod. Something that we don’t usually do but it was his second to last race of the year and he had the itch. I’m one to never talk someone out of racing so I quickly take his money and ride up to buy an entry for him before he changes his mind.

Friday night we both did really well. I myself giving it back again by .0007 witch is virtually nothing even though I had a significant lead off the starting line, I just made an error at the finish line. Steve, on the other hand, was going deep in both classes as he has been on a roll for the past month. He made it down to eight cars or so in the box class and ended off the night with a victory in the no box class. Which brings the total to three wins in three weeks which is awesome!

Saturday brought us to the first of the big pay days, there was two thousand dollars on the line today and I could have used every penny of it at this point. The morning started off a little slow with some AM showers but that gave us just enough time to hit up the local BBQ joint down the street which was well worth the wait. When we got back I got to looking at the tires that Steve brought from storage and made the choice not to switch them with the ones that were on the car. Due to the rain they cut it from two down to one time trials which is fine with us since we seemed to have a pretty good handle on things so far. It had looked like we picked up right were we left off the night before, Steve going deep in both classes with myself knockin them down in the no box class. Steve ended up losing  fourth round of no box on a goof run when the car slowed up and he made the choice to spray and drop to try to break his opponent out. It almost worked but ended in a loss. But went right back up for the box class and managed to go a few more rounds and took himself out with a .003 red reaction time. On my end of things, I found myself in the best possible spot; a by run at three cars to the final round which is great because all I have to do is make it to the starting line under my own power and I’m in the finals. I come up for the finals and meet up with Nick Bowman a PRP local who has been on a roll of his own lately. We made a pretty decent split with the money seeing how we were both in need for it and the runner up only gets $750. So we did some working shook hands and went at it…Well almost, Just as we were getting ready one of the three cars left in the box class had a minor brush with the guardrail. Driver was OK and car was only a little bumped up a lot better then what could of been. So after a short clean up Nick and I shake on it again and go at it take two. We have run in the finals a few times and they always seem to be good ones and this was no exception. He had me on the tree by a little but gave me enough room on the other end and I gave it a little to much working and got behind once again! This time .0006! Was I mad? Yes! But in the end it didn’t much matter. I made a little bit of money to my transmission repairs and Steve and I were in both finals for the weekend that is a successful weekend no matter what.

Sunday was cut short due to some timing system issues and the eventual rain storm that was expected to come in. After that we made the double trip to return my trailer and go back to get steve’s and he was on his way back to Ohio, Another weekend in the books for us here at Stevand Racing.

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