Halloween Classic Update!!

I started this update a week ago but a computer glitch lost half of it forever. I was pretty mad to say the least & deleted it all! Well, I have calmed down a little & ready to give it another try.
The Halloween Classic @ Summit Motorsports Park is a tradition that has been going on for 37 years. The once small gathering of racers to close out the race season has turned into the worlds largest sportsman event with entries totaling over 1300 in some years. The race has grown into a 7 day long super race with multiple races, contests, & give aways.
Sunday is known as move in day. Picture the race track having a black Friday sale offering half price cars. That is the sense of urgency getting into the track to get a good parking space for the week. Just picture 800 plus race rigs trying to get in the track first to get the best spots. Exciting & a truly awesome sight.
We weaseled our way in with the crowd & managed a decent parking spot for the week. With all this mayhem there is still a race to run. We parked then unloaded the 3 Stevand race cars. Yes 3 Stevand cars. We hired Matts girlfriend Amanda to wheel the company Javelin in the Sportsman class. We got the cars fueled, prepped & made it through our time trials without incident. On to eliminations! Both Matt & I exited the race in the 2nd round but Amanda powered on & made it to the 4th round. The first day of this massive race was in the books.
The rest of the week consisted of a huge Corn Hole tournament on Monday. Tuesday was the Mean Motorhome race (a real sight to see). Wednesday started the Gamblers races. Amanda was entered in a Wednesday Gamblers race. She was killer on the tree all week recording a perfect reaction time first round Sunday. Today was no exception. .014 on the tree but coming up short on the other end of the track by .0001. She was MAD! See Picture. LOL
I went out to the track to make some time runs on Thursday to get my head back in the game. Thursday was to be the last nice day of the event. The announcement was made that the schedule for Friday was to change in anticipation of rain. The original schedule had time trials all day with Mine & Matts Gamblers race to start around 6:00. The new schedule had us on track to start eliminations @ 8am Friday morning. No time run just straight to eliminations. Matt & I got to the track @ 8am sharp only to find they decided to start a few minutes early. YIKES! There were only 128 cars in the class. That’s 64 pair to go down in the round. We had to hurry. We both made it to the lanes, half prepared but won our rounds. Whew!!! We went back up shortly after 1st but were sent back due to a pesky mist. The mist subsided & we both won our 2nd round. That would be it for the day. The money was split between the survivors of 2nd round. We were just happy to be in the mix but frustrated on the other hand we were robbed of the chance to win.
Saturday is the big day of the Classic. If you have never experienced it you need to. Matt & I both won our first round. Amanda won her first round of Sportsman in the Javelin. Things were looking good. Racing continued till late in the evening when Mother Nature decided that was enough. The kids got their chance to trick or treat. Imagine going trick or treat from car to car on a busy day @ Cedar Point. This is like Christmas for a little kid. Then the famous Jaz Wheelie Contest. Watch it on You Tube & it explains itself. But regardless of the fun off track we were done for the night.
Bright & early we were back @ it. They finished up 1st round of Super Pro & made the Call for Pro. That’s our cue to head up for 2nd round. Both our cars were stuck on the dial. Better than most of the year & it showed on track with us both advancing to 3rd round. That’s where the fun ended. Hurricane Sandy had arrived. The rains came & would not leave till later in the week. There is a policy in place @ the Classic to make sure the event is completed that weekend. The dreaded Tent! All the remaining tech cards are put in a pile & 2 @ a time are chosen. The 2 cards are then shuffled, put behind the track owners back, the driver of the 1st card picked then chooses left or right.  The card that is picked advances on. Amanda lost 2nd round, I lost 3rd round & Matt lost down to 9 cars. Our Classic was over.
Most of us were not happy with going to the tent but with the massive car count & distance traveled by some racers it is the fairest way to go. Our season is done for the most part. Matt will be heading to the Fall Footbrake Frenzy @ Coastal Plains Dragway in Jacksonville, North Carolina to try & win his share of $30,000 in prize money. It is time for me to continue with the Car Craft engine build & work on my newest project for next years race season.

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