The Final Voyage

Well just like that, another racing season has gone by in a flash! My last trip for the year would take me the whole way down to Jacksonville, North Carolina for the Fall Footbrake Frenzy hosted by Anthony Walton and Michael Beard.

We started the trip off on Wednesday with a full day of driving ahead of us, On the way down we broke up the trip by stopping in Asheboro, NC to spend Thanksgiving day with my Grandparents, It is always a good time down there with them. We had a rather quick and easy trip down with no problems for ourselves at all and made record time, only having one delay. We stopped @ a rest area for a quick pit stop & wound up helping out a guy and his wife at a rest area who ran out of gas and had a couple of miles to go until the next gas station. I told him I only have one little container in the trailer and I wasn’t sure how much was in there. So we walked back to take a look and I only had about half a gallon in the container. So there I was trying to siphon the gas out of the four wheeler and generator to try to give this guy. Needless to say he was very appreciative with whatever he could get I helped him fill up and off he was. Luckily for him the next filling station was only about five miles down the road and I beeped and waved as we drove by.

Friday got us up and out early to make the three hour trek across North Carolina to the coast and try our shot at five grand. On day one the car worked rather well but I on the other had was a little off key. I ended up  losing my first entry in second round and my other entry in third round.  Not the best way to start off the weekend but at that point what can you do!

Day two brought on two races in one day, The first of them being for a shot at twenty thousand dollars. I got my act together a little better on day two but still fell way short of my goals. I lost both entries third round with my first one I was .005 red and dead on with a 1 and in my second entry I missed the tree pretty good with a .045 light and running dead on with a zero, Once again losing the round of the money.

Later that night after they finish up with the twenty grand race there is another five grander scheduled. Its about dusk now and temperatures are dropping pretty rapidly but we continue on. Once again I carry both entries to the third round and fall again ( Talk about frustrations) The first one I make a mistake and get behind .009 at the finish line after having my opponent covered on the tree. With my second entry I make it out to about the 330 ft mark and my car starts moving all over the track and I have to roll out of the gas giving my opponent the easy win with the track temperatures with what they were a lot of people had trouble getting down and that resulted in a six car split and everyone went on happy and safe, And on that note my season was over.

It was not the best trip South I’ve ever made but still had a blast hanging out with friends and meeting new people and sometimes that’s worth it in the end. Id like to take a second just to thank everyone for the support this year on and off the track and everyone who has followed us on here for the past racing season. It’s been fun telling about how good or bad we have done as well as some of the funny stories along the way and that is why we do what we do. I hope you all have enjoyed and hopefully we can come back at you in 2013 bigger and even better! Stay tuned throughout the winter to follow progress of our upgrades.

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