The Build Continues…

Due to an extremely demanding work schedule lately my progress has been a little sporadic on the Car Craft engine build lately. With my first real day off in over a month I took advantage of the time & headed to the Hanshue garage to get things in order to drop the engine off to the machine shop.

Wakeman Power will take on the machining responsibilities for this project. They are a highly qualified full service machine shop. They do engines for most of the top performers in our area. Most of the rest of this build will take place @ Wakeman.

Today also consisted of cleaning parts. I really think cleaning parts is the longest single process in rebuilding a Junk Yard Dog. I washed & wire wheeled some of the pulleys & brackets to get them ready for paint to be magazine worthy. I also cleaned the front timing cover & oil pump housing. The modifications to that will be a whole blog in itself with pictures arrows & the whole 9 yards.

This weekend Stevand Racing will head to the International Motorsports Industry Show show in Indianapolis Indiana. The IMIS is a trade show of racing related products & services. This is one of the shows where new products for the up coming year are debut. This is not a public show. It is only open to businesses related to the racing industry. Stevand racing is lucky to be able to attend this event. I believe it gives us a leg up on the competition in that we see these new products sometimes before they hit the market. Another advantage is that we can talk directly to the people who design the products we use & can give feedback to help improve or develop new products. It is an exciting time of year for the whole team.

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