A little look back @ 2012

As we prepare for the 2013 racing season I can’t help but take a look back @ all the fun times we had on our racing adventures. From racing in our back yard to out of state jaunts, they all have a story.

Overall Matt & I had a pretty successful year. No major breakage. Many Many minor pains but I will take those over a motor explosion every time. We walked away with  our heads up high & a car to race next year.

My most memorable race this year had to be the NHRA Bracket finals in Indy. The fellowship @ this race has been awesome the past 2 years. Being a team event comprised of people you raced against all year it is a bit tough @ times to find fellowship. I am not sure what changed but this event has become a favorite. Matt touched base on his “Update of all Updates” Blog on September 9th on my progress @ the Bracket finals. Besides winning a Shootout on Friday & getting down to 8 cars in the main event was only a portion of the fun. The weekend included some creativeness with cap guns, yes the childrens kind, A flat front tire on the race car, A severe shock from the race car coil, & some serious golf cart wheelies. It’s always a success when you get a visit from the law when you have actually not done anything illegal.

That was my favorite weekend. I look forward to more Shenanigans this coming season. How about you?



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