We Are Back At It, Just Like That !!!

Well here we are before you know it closing the off season, and rapidly approaching the 2013 race season. You may not have heard much from us in the off season but it certainly wasn’t because we had nothing to talk about. Its more so the opposite. We have been busier then ever upgrading and adding to our fleet of vehicles. I can tell you that with being less then a month away we still have our work cut out for us to get everything done in time.

I quick recap of the past few months included me finishing up my concord for my girlfriend Amanda to race this upcoming year. I’ve had my 1981 AMC Concord since high school and used to drive it daily for a year or so. So one day I decided to tear it all apart and make another “race Concordcar” out of it.  I always had drive ability in mind for it that way I could hop in and drive back and forth to the track. Fast forward some five years later and its finally done! The process was always upgrade parts on my spirit and use the old ones for the Concord so after a few years of savin parts and money I was finally able to pull it off (with a lot of resources from friends and family as always) So the focus of the Concord this year will be to have Amanda race it when she can and just have fun with it all together!

With the concord finally being done around early February I turned my attention to my Spirit. Every winter I say I am going to be done early and ready to go race down south at some of the early races…that never happens. After having some bearing trouble the year before I told myself I wanted to take the motor out just to give everything the once over. So i got the motor out and over to Hanshues garage in Medina to have a look. With much relief everything looked a lot better then the year prior. Being that the motor was already out and half apart we made the choice to go ahead and install new bearings while we were already inside of it. Everything went back together rather easily and I was able to drop it in the car a week ago. At this point I am just finishing up bolting things together on my car and should be ready to hit Pittsburgh Raceway Park next weekend in all hopes of taking my Spirit and Concord out to get a few passes on both of them to make sure everything is in good working order. Nothing major has changed on the Spirit so my hopes are just to make a pass or two with it and make sure its as good as when it went away at the end of the season, The Concord however is new from front to back so I would like to be able to make a few passes on it just to assure everything is working properly as well. You never know what is likely to happen with a fresh build and always hope that it works flawlessly.

Just like that we are getting back in the swing of things Now only if the weather would work with us we can really start to enjoy our time out at the track! Make sure to stop back in to see how everything works out.

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