Not sure where to start???

Hi everyone! It has been quite some time since I have contributed on here. Why you ask? Well It’s a long story but I’ll shorten it up a little.

I mentioned on here towards the end of last summer I took a now job. That job took a huge commitment of my time. The job was commercial remodeling. A little back round on commercial remodeling. 90% of it is done @ night & all of it is out of town. The job was fun & exciting but the combination of out of town & out of town proved to be too much on me. I took a new job back running residential construction to try & get some normalcy back to life. Not sure if that is possible. LOL

I ended on here last fall with a few projects that I started on. How are they going you ask??? Well no where near as far along as I envisioned . Does any project ever finish on time? I think not. The motor for the Car Craft Magazine build up is currently @ the machine shop. All the parts finally came in & some progress is being made. Slower than expected but moving in the right direction none the less.

The Hornet Stocker project is moving @ a stellar snails pace. I have been attempting to collect parts over the winter but there again a snails pace. I even took long enough for some of the parts I collected to become obsolete. By obsolete I mean NHRA disallowed the parts without notice. Pretty much a bummer. I did get a few things in order & will update the progress in a future blog.  After the shock of Spring wears off I will be back @ it as this car has become a priority!

Hornet front end parts ready for sandblasting then powdercoating!
Hornet front end parts ready for sandblasting


Not a whole bunch has changed here @ Stevand Racing but in a way it has. A freshen up for Matt’s seasoned 360, I unfortunately touched nothing on the old Gremlin, but the exciting news is the addition of the Concord! Not the airplane but a 1981 AMC 4 door Concord. It will be piloted by none other than Matt’s girlfriend Amanda Hoover.

Keep a close eye out here for Weekly updates & interesting stories then a daily eye on our Facebook page for daily updates & some fun photos to break up your week!!



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