A Great Memorial Weekend

This was our first extended weekend for the year and it turned out to be a great one. Amanda and I set our sights on Columbus Ohio for the 12th annual Great Amc Day on Friday morning put on by none other then Mike Luke. This is kind of a special race for us “AMC” guys it gives us a little outlet to all share what we have in out little AMC world its always a good time and this year was no exception. Amanda and I both ended up getting beat first round of the main race, her opponent was 005 with a difference of 006 in their break outs and the guy that i ran was 008 on the tree and had me covered on both ends of the track. Luckily enough for us they had a second chance race that i was lucky enough to win over good friend Dan Henderson in his AMX. On the way home from Columbus we made a spur of the moment decision to stop in at Dragway 42 for there first of three days of racing. As luck would have it for the second time in one day I found my way to the winner circle. The only down side to winning is along the way i had to race Amanda at 6 cars because of the way the buy run fell. But we avoided eachother as long as we could and there is only so much you can do at that point.

Saturday we were at SMP for the fourth points race of the year. Things kept on rolling from the night before we all kept good stride throughout the night. In the end the three of us all fell a little short of our overall goals. I was the first to go out in the fourth round down to 15 cars by tripping the red light by just .002, Amanda was the next one to fall making it all the way to five cars in the sportsman class witch is no joke at SMP. She ended up missing her mark on the starting line but would of had a tough round as it was seeing that her opponent was .001 on the tree! Steve was the last one to go out losing in the semi finals in what was a real close race. If i recall correctly it was Steve’s 024 light to a 017 light and both going dead on their dials! In the end we all had a good outing for the day.

I  tried to end out my weekend on monday at a little track called Magnolia Dragway witch is just past Canton Ohio, But as luck would have it as soon as I pulled my car out of the trailer for the day it decided to rain. They waited it out the best they could giving it about an hour or so to let up but it was showing no signs and they called it for the day.

You cant complain about the weekend that we just had and it makes it even more exciting to go back for next weeks action. This upcoming weekend we are back to our normal grind with a points race at SMP on Saturday as well as one at Dragway 42 on Sunday, Lets hope we pick up were we left off and we can put another car in the winner circle this weekend!

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