This Upcoming Weekend

We are rapidly approaching the weekend and that brings the question of were to go racing Saturday? With SMP having an all ford meet on Saturday and Pittsburgh Raceway Park having just a test and tune on Saturday I decided to broaden my resume of tracks visited and add Thompson Raceway Park to that ever growing list. With good Friend Bubba Black racing there points series up there we haven’t been able to hang out at the track much this year so I figured it would be a good chance to have some fun racing at a new facility as well as catch up on things with him. It looks as if all the bad weather will pass through the area by the end of the week and we will have a good weekend ahead of us. Lets hope for good results!

While your still reading i’ll give a little mini recap of what went down last weekend. With my little brother graduating from high school and having to miss a points race at SMP I decided it would be a good idea to bring the car back home the weekend prior and catch up on some maintenance as well as take the car out for PRP’s Thursday night test and tune/gamblers race to get some foot brake racing in and blow off the cobwebs before the much anticipated WFC VII in July. As luck would have it weather moved it on Thursday and put an end to that plan. So on Saturday I went to the graduation party for a couple hours did my brotherly duties and hightailed it for PRP in hopes of getting there before they started first round. With luck I made it there to even get a time trail before the action started. On the ride there I debated weather or not I¬†should invest the money and sign up for there points program (If your keeping track that would be three points series at three different track in two different states) The only reason to even consider this was that Dragway 42 changed to Division¬†5 this year and that would allow me to qualify at a Division 3 track as well for the Team Finals race at the end of the year. After looking over all three track schedules and keeping SMP and D42 as a priority I could still make eight races at PRP, So I went ahead and signed up. Cutting to the chase I ended up doing pretty good for the night making it down to about 10 cars and losing to eventual runner up for the night. So far the gamble has paid off so lets see if i can keep it rolling.

On that note lets weather the storms for the end of the week and kick off the weekend hopefully with a win at TRP on saturday. Stay tuned to find out and if you happen to be in the Thompson, Ohio area stop on in Saturday.

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