No Box Weekend Ahead

Last weeks trip to Thompson Raceway Park fell short of a win but I was able to come out of it with some valuable foot brake information and saw a slight improvement on the adjustments that I made during the week. I fell short in the third round of competition to Ray Babb who had me from the start with a near prefect .001 light to my .021 light and the rest from there was history. Ray and I had the pleasure of running each other two years ago in the final round at Pittsburgh for the Div 3 team finals were I was lucky enough to come out as the winner in what was another close race. So I wasn’t all worked up about losing to him in the third round, I went over after our race chatted it up a little and wished him luck for the rest of the night. He ended up staying alive until the finals were he fell short to the nights winner Dave Mann.

This weekend brings us to an awesome three day race that Summit Motorsports Park hosts for us no box/bottom bulb racers, The No Box Bonanza is a shot a two thousand, five thousand, and five thousand for the low entry of just one hundred dollars! At this particular race you are allowed to double enter only if you have a second vehicle to compete with, So I was able to hunt up a second ride for the weekend in an effort to double my chances on the prize money. So hopefully we can manage to bring home a little money on this three day race weekend!

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