No Box Weekend Recap

All in all…Not a bad weekend. With an almost perfect weekend forecast with some of the hottest days we’ve had this summer how could we of not been excited for the weekend? The no box race at SMP allows you to double enter but only if you have a secondary car to compete in, so I was able to pick up a second ride from Randy Biddle Jr as he was off to race at Indy for the weekend and wasn’t going to use his recent purchased 79 Malibu. Fridays action started early in the am and they hustled through cars rather well, So well that Steve almost didn’t get to the track in time to get any time trials as he was in Pittsburgh for work that morning. To our advantage the rest of us got three for the day which was beneficial to me to get the hang of the Malibu that I hadnt sat in until that morning, but after making one adjustment after the first time run we were ready to rock with it. Steve was the first to fall in the secound round of eliminations and I followed in the Malibu in round three by going .005 red to the always tough Nick Hastings. Amanda was on a tear of her own throwing down solid run after run in the Concord but eventually ran short in the fourth round with her opponent being .006 and in two hundreds to her .013 and under two hundreds break out loss. Unfortinitally I continued the round by round count out by giving up the finish line by .005 in the fifth round to end our Friday night.

Saturday brought on a new day and a busy day it was. Same routine for the time trials, two and go. We ran through those quick and where on our way to eliminations. Amanda’s luck was a little shorter this night by losing the second round of eliminations as well did Steve, I on the other hand was creating a good cardio workout for myself, Taking both cars deep into eliminations I found myself getting back from one and going right back up with the other car and as the night progressed and with fewer cars left i had to rely on the help of Amanda, Bubba, and Mitchell to get one car in the lanes while i got the other one up with enough distance between the two to get back for the other one. It sounds really confusing to read, That’s only because it was confusing to do also! But I ended up losing both entries in the fifth round yet again going .01 red in the Malibu and losing to eventual winner Will Steckly in my car witch I had nothing for his .005 in .01 pass! Congratulations to Will on his second 5k No Box Bonanza win.

Sunday is the last day to make something happen. Amanda had another tough day going red in the first round buying back and hitting the tree with a solid .015 light and bailing early on the run due to having her opponent covered but the ol concord decided it was on a record run pass, despite her efforts to slow it down still ended up breaking out and losing in what if probably the most frustrating ways to lose a race like that. Much like Saturday I found myself in a good rhythm and making laps in both cars, up until round three. For the third time of the weekend I get paired up with Nick Hastings, I’m in the Malibu again this time and crack off a .003 light and not far behind is Nick with a .009 we both run it out to the other end pretty much sure off what each other are going to do, We both drop pretty hard at the other end but no win light on my side. The Mali slowed up a little that pass and I would of been set up better to run it out but that’s the part of the game that you don’t know until you get the ticket! Almost same story in my car my opponent and I are identical on the tree with .023 lights but i missed my mark on the dial in my car for like the twentieth time of the weekend and lose to his dead on run. Steve on the other hand is our great white hope of Sunday marching through the rounds making it down to the round of 16 cars out of a field of 250+. Steve was also getting in some foot brake practice before our much anticipated trip to the WFC in July. Steve car slowed up a considerable amount at the round of 16 causing him to lose the race so it may be time to take a quick peek over the Gremlin and make sure everything checks out ok.

Its not looking like a good weekend weather wise as of now but if things do turn around it will be Norwalk Saturday for a points race and Dragway 42 to follow on Sunday.

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