WFC Recap

Let me start back a week ago from my July 4th weekend outing, Last we had talked I was planning a trip to TRP for their independence eve race followed by PRP on Saturday for a points race and finishing up the weekend at Dragway 42 for a SSS points race. I didn’t make hard plans to go to Thompson solely based on the poor weather forecast but as Wednesday approached it looked as if we would get a chance to get the race in. So for the second time in a month I found myself headed north to TRP tagging along with Bubba Black who is currently a top of their point’s standings. We got there in just enough time to miss the first scheduled time trail of the day, but did manage to get one in before eliminations started for the day. As the day progressed I found that the ol spirit seemed like she was back in her repetitive ways only having moved .005 in ET to the 1000′ mark all day long. But unfortunately our day was ended short at 12 cars when the rains came in and put a wash to the rest of the day’s events. So they ended up splitting up the purse with the remaining entrants and we were on our way after a fireworks display to celebrate the 4th.

The day after took us to PRP for the fourth (my second) SSS points race of the season. I was able to carry on momentum from Wednesday although the spirit was less helpfull as it was on Wednesday as it was moving around in ET a decent amount and it turned into a dial and drive kind of day for me. My luck would come to an end at five cars when I missed my dial big time and couldn’t cover and resulted in a loss. Upon arriving home at midnight I made the decision to pull the intake off that night and try to figure out what was going on (a few indicators had been pointing in that general direction) I swear to Amanda that it would only take an hour to do and that was surely on the short side of time estimates because at almost 3AM we finally got home and went to bed. Sunday morning we wake up ready to hit the road back to Ohio to hit up Dragway 42 for their points race. I told Amanda to go ahead and hit the road so she could get a head start and get the concord out to the track to get a couple Time Trials in and I would finish putting water in and hit the road…. Wrong! Somehow in the installation process I tore part of the intake gasket away and caused it to leak water externally out of the motor when it built pressure. You know what that means, tear it apart and start over! With the WFC being a week away and not having another set of intake gaskets I loaded up the Spirit and headed for Summit Racing Equipment bought a couple sets of gaskets and headed to Lodi were Steve was awaiting and we tore into it again. Finding a couple other issues I had over looked the night before and attempting to fix those along the way. But it looks like a new intake will be in my future plans for this motor. Even though I missed a race it was more important at the time to finish things up for our trip to Bristol for the following week.

 Fast forward a week and we are in sunny/super-hot Bristol Tennessee! Our Thursday night gamblers entries didn’t go as planned despite me being .000 on the tree I couldn’t make it happen at the other end driving behind like a dummy .014 for the first round loss, Steve came up with about the same result going .011 red in the first round. Day two was no better for me after going 0-3 for the day I was ready to call it quits on the day and let Randy Biddle Jr buy back in my other entry he had a little success with it but only carried it a round or two. Steve did well on Friday making it to fourth round but losing a close race with an awesome nova wheelie wagon!

Saturdays 10k race was looking all too familiar like Fridays to me but I eventually broke through and made it with a round win! ha-ha yeah I had a little relief when that happened but sometimes you have those weekends. Reality set in for me rather quick not making it past 3rd round once again. Steve made it to about the same point as the night before losing fourth round again but to his defense his opponent was .000 on the tree and .001 away from having a perfect run and there is about nothing you can do with that.

 Sunday was our final day to make progress and that exactly what we didn’t have happen. Steve went out early in the first round and I somehow managed to carry both entries to the third round but missed my drop in one entry breaking out by .003 more than my opponent and then followed that up by going .008 red in my second entry. So like that our weekend was over. I did manage to win a free entry to this year’s Fall Footbrake Frenzy held at Piedmont Dragway in North Carolina witch is an awesome prize to win and will come in handy this November. Even though we didn’t have as much success on the track as years past at the WFC it was still a great time with family and friends and two of the best promoters in the racing business, Steve Stites and Jared Pennington and we can’t thank you enough for all the hard work that you guys do!

 This weekend will be three days of racing at PRP for me a Friday gamblers race along with Saturday and Sunday point’s races!

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