Three Days Of PRP!

Pittsburgh Raceway Park for me is one of those tracks that I really enjoy going to when I get the chance. It’s a nice facility, nice people, and mostly I’ve always had good luck there! This past weekend was no exception. I was really looking forward to a full three days of racing there. I started the racing weekend off on Thursday night by going up and making a couple test passes to try to figure out why my car has been giving me fits the past few months. I made a few passes with dismal results and packed it in for the night.

Friday after work I hightailed it to PRP which is about thirty minutes up the road from my work. I had just left all my stuff up there the night before so I didn’t have to run all over after work to get it. Once a month on Fridays PRP does a cool race format called “Night at the races” that consists of two separate paying classes one being 9.99ET and quicker and the other 10.00ET and slower. It puts a new twist on just a regular gamblers race. All said and done I ended up losing at four cars in the semifinals. I put down a decent run of .014 on the tree and over my dial by .012 but was just ousted by my opponents .022 light dead on his dial with a 1 to lose the race by .003

Day two brought on a few more little changes to the car whatever I did the night before helped a good amount but it still was off just a touch but I proceeded on with the day. I goofed it up first round by going .002 red but luckily enough for me they have buybacks at PRP so just another $20 and you’re back in the game. After that little first round blunder I was able to make things happen and later that night we got the pull the ole Spirit in the winner circle to finish the night off with some pictures! It’s always great to win but still kind of stings losing first round and not being able to accumulate points for the rest of the race day, Being that I can only make a number of the races I have my work cut out for myself to try to make their bracket finals team.IMG956829

Sunday wasn’t so lucky for me, I made two time trails and the car actually repeated for once….until first round when it threw me a curve ball and slowed up .04 but luckily I was able to make it through with the win. Second round was not so lucky frustrated with the car slowing up I decided to dial up more to make sure I could cover my dial in. Bad idea my opponent knew exactly what my plan was and out drove me and made it backfire in my face shipping me .022 and the finish line to break me out by .014. But lady luck was on my side for the day because shortly after that it rained out for the day so I didn’t drop and spots in the points.

I’ve got a couple more things I changed this week on the car to try to help with the consistency of it and will probably take it back to PRP tonight for a couple test runs and head to SMP on Saturday for a point’s race which has been almost a month since there last.

3 of the Stevand Racing vehicles will be out @ SMP to try & get their hands in the cookie jar Saturday night. The end of Summer will be here before you know it so come out & enjoy a night @ the races & cheer us on!



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