Going Strong

After having two successful weekends in a row about mid-week I was itchin to get out and race again. I made plans to go out to Quaker City Friday night for their weekly gamblers race. There was a slight risk of rain so it was a gamble in going out. All the way up until I pulled of the exit on the turnpike it was sunny skies but as soon as I pulled through the toll gate it started to sprinkle I made it another 15 minutes or so to the track and there was nothing so I thought that we are good to go as cars had been running down the track the whole time. I snuck in to get a late time trial pass before eliminations started, I managed to barely slip by first round with a dead on zero run. Our luck would run out for the night as we were in the lanes for second round and the skies open up and poured just enough to cancel the night’s race.

Saturday was another points race at PRP, I need to do a decent amount of work there to qualify for their bracket finals team, Unfortunately that’s exactly what I didn’t do, I was my own demise in the first round of eliminations not trusting in the car enough and drove behind at the finish line .007 for the frustrating loss. Luckily for me there was a plan “B” for the night. The day before I had asked a friend of mine Scotty Campbell if he wanted to run my car in the top class since he has been sidelined up until this point in the year. As you could imagine it took a lot of arm twisting for him to say yes! To say he did well is an understatement he took the trusty ol spirit once again to the winner circle for a runner up finish in the top class with no delay box in a car he hadn’t sat in until that morning! It was a great night full of friends in the winner circle once again with Markie Brewer taking the win over Scotty and Bubba Black tearing up the modified win for the night in his awesome s10.


After getting home around 2AM Sunday Amanda and I slept for a few hours and headed back west to Dragway 42 for one of their points races. Way under slept it was a long and boring two hours there but I managed to make it to get one time trial and go at it. My day ended early in the third round when I made a driving error at the finish line up take .033 and breaking out by .009. Amanda’s day ended in the same round with the concord by having the wrong spot in line once again when her .004 light being no match to her opponents .002 and both in on their dials at the other end.

This week brings the marathon race at SMP known as the Night Under Fire, which is classified as the largest single day race because it literally takes 24 hours to complete. So if you’re bored at any point on Saturday stop on out to SMP. Following the marathon is Dragway 42 on Sunday.

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