A Week Long Recovery!

It took almost a week to gain enough energy from last week’s exhausting Night Under Fire at SMP to be able to write this. Whomever dubbed that race as a marathon was no joke. The action started Friday AM when Amanda pulled our rigs into our spots to be ready for the Saturday morning rush. Saturday started our class out first with a time trial run at nine AM (seemingly useless based on the fact that we are not even scheduled to run first round until sometime after midnight but hey what can you do!) So as the day progressed the sea of people kept filing in for the big show. Fast forward a couple hours and by around one AM we are on the track for first round (yes some 16 or so hours later) I manage to make by way by the first round coin flip of a dial in for the win, Steve on the other hand wasn’t as lucky losing in the first round at about two AM. As the night progressed it just was delay after delay sportsman being the last class ran Amanda was finally up for her first round at almost six in the morning on Sunday! She didn’t make it through first round after a long night like that it can be a bit frustrating but life goes on and there is always another weekend of racing. I managed to make it to the fourth round before I fell unusually short of the win light. I posted up a great reaction time of .008 was behind .006 at the finish line and under my dial in by .002. What sounds like a pretty solid run was absolutely no competition again Joe Oswald’s .000 light and dead on his dial with a “0” an absolute perfect run after being up for almost 28 hours! But that’s life in the big city as they say and we move on to next weekend.

This weekend takes us back to PRP for Friday night at the races as well as their night of fire even held on Saturday night which lets hope doesn’t take as long as last weekend’s race! So if you’re in the Pittsburgh area Saturday night stop out to the track for a great show!

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