The Two Week Recap

The last two weeks have been fun filled action at none other than Pittsburgh Raceway Park, Last week they had their “Night of Fire” race. Somewhat similar to tracks in the surrounding areas around this time of year they will all put on a little show to get people at the track to enjoy the show as well as open people eyes to what bracket racing is. Steve made the trip down because of the extra money that was being put up for the event. Figuring it was going to be a long day again we both decided to enter modified and top class and try to double up our chances at some money. Good theory and we are glad that we did, we both went out early in modified but managed to tough it out in the top class until 4:30 Sunday morning when the rains came in and called it a race. I was the last pair to go down as we were on the starting line just getting ready to go down and they shut us off due to rain. Steve had already made it through the round and would of both been down to seven cars had I won that round. So they split up the money for the round and we got a little pocket money for the day, Amanda was still in the street class as well down to ten cars and got a few dollars of her own to help offset her trip. Also a big thank you goes out to Colleen Baehr for letting Amanda use her truck and Keith Meador for letting us borrow his trailer to get the concord down to PA so Amanda could tear it up at PRP these past few weeks.

This past weekend it was back at it at PRP for two days of racing but just Amanda and I for the weekend, Amanda was running the street class and I was running both mod and top again. Amanda fell short in the second round of street in what was a fairly good race and we have made good stride on the concords tune up getting it to be a little more consistent which is a huge plus. I was rolling pretty well in both classes but screwed it up third round of the top class having the starting line advantage but giving up the finish line by .007. Luckily I still had my entry in modified and capitalized on the night taking it the whole way to the final round for another win!



Sunday was not great for either of us, Amanda was out again in the second round and I wasn’t much farther behind losing in the third round to my opponents .003 and dead on with a 5 run. Just like that our weekend was over once again, but all in all it was a success.

 This coming weekend its PRP again on Saturday then heading out to Dragway 42 on Sunday for a two thousand to win bottom bulb race. Hopefully we can keep the streak alive!

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