Strong Mid-Season

We here at StevAnd Racing have been grateful enough to enjoy a very successful mid-season and look forward to hanging on to that momentum throughout the rest of the season.  Here is a little recap of what took place last weekend.

We didn’t start our weekends out all that great but we made up for it in the end. On Saturday Amanda and I were at PRP and Steve went out to Dragway 42 for their big money weekend. PRP was knocked down to an eight mile race for the day due to a bad accident that took out a section of guard rail past the finish line and was unsafe to race on the full length. I figured I might as well enter both Top and Mod like I have been doing in the past few weeks. I didn’t make it very far in either class, second round of top I was .008 red and under my dial by .0001 and in the third round of mod I was red again by .004. Amanda was out the same round as me missing the tree a little and staying in front of her opponent just enough to break out. Steve had about the same luck as the both of us at Dragway42 giving the stripe back in the third round.

Sunday was a different story! Amanda and I made our way out to Dragway 42 for Sundays two thousand to win No Box and Footbrake combo race. I ended up entering both footbrake and no box while Steve and Amanda both ran it the footbrake side of things. Amanda ended up going out in round two and I lost my footbrake entry in the third round of eliminations going .006 red and dead on 1 against the always tough Nick Hastings. Before we knew it there was two cars left in each class and Steve and I both having a spot in the finals of each class! I was the first out and had the starting line advantage but ran up short on the other end of the track to good friend and always tough Ricky Baehr. Steve had his hands full on the footbrake side but came out victorious against Nick Hastings. That placed Ricky and Steve in the combo final of the day where Steve ended up going .005 red. But it was still a great showing by both S&R cars!


This weekend is a point’s race at SMP and out last point’s race of the year at D42! Wish us continued luck!

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