Our Bracket Finals Weekend

Last week entailed new adventures for half of StevAnd Racing, Amanda and I headed up to US131 in Martin Michigan for the Division 5 IHRA bracket Finals. This was both our first times to Martin as well as it being Amanda’s first bracket finals as a participant. The action started on Friday with a gambler race we showed up in time to get our two time runs and go at it. Amanda didn’t fare so well losing first round buying back and breaking out by just 001 to lose the buyback round, but that’s what the gamblers races are for to get yourself a custom to a new environment. I managed to go pretty deep into eliminations losing at seven cars when I missed the tree with a 047 light dropping to dead on 6 but was nothing for Brian fleenors 016 and dead on 1 run, I did manage to bring in a little bit of money for the night to help offset the start of the trip. Day two and the final day there was the main event race Modified was the first class out and as luck would have it I was in the burnout box when one of the cars in front of us blew a motor and we had to sit for a little clean up (talk about the worst possible spot and time for that to happen) But I managed my way through for the first round victory. Amanda was up shortly after in the street class and did awesome for her first round grabbing the win on a double break out pass. As the night progressed we both went pretty deep into eliminations with myself making it down to twelve cars but screwed up at the finish line and gave it back by just .001, Amanda did awesome for her first bracket finals appearance making it the whole way to the four car semifinal round but losing to her opponents respectable .006 in .02 run. Overall even though it was a different and shorter race format then we are used to for a bracket finals it was an awesome time and US131 is a very nice facility to hold a race and we can’t wait to make it back for next year!

The other half of S&R found Steve O in Indianapolis Indiana for the Division 3 NHRA bracket finals. The NHRA format is even more different as there is really no extra racing, then run first round of the main event on Saturday which Steve navigated his way through with no problem. After they complete first round they are done until Sunday, Kind of a real let down for people like us who just want to keep on racing but it’s been that way for 100 years and they won’t change now. Come second round Steve didn’t have as much luck hitting the tree with a nice .015 RT was still no match for his opponents .008 and in .01 run.

Just like that we have another weekend in the books, not our best showings but definitely not our worst either. This week weather pending will take us to SMP for the second to last point’s race and possibly a Sunday off for some rest and relaxation!

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