Classic Recap

As they say better late than never! We are a little slow with this update but we have been busier than ever at S&R. In the last writings I had just come off an awesome 5k victory at PRP’s Halloween Race. That very next Sunday brought us to SMP for the start of the weeklong event known as the Halloween Classic. I was able to keep on keeping on finding myself in my third final in as many weeks picking up the win in the massive 9 round no box class to kick off our week at the classic. It wasn’t without tribulations though as Steve’s car broke an input shaft in the transmission in the first round of eliminations so between rounds for us we pulled the transmission out at the track fixed it and put it back in before the night was over so everything would be ready to go for Wednesday. Our Wednesday gamblers race was cut short due to frigid temperatures that caused them to split the money up luckily Steve and I still had our entries in and got a little cut of the pie. Thursday was supposed to be an off day for us but the trusty ol concord finally gave us issues for the year as the Trans broke on the starting line for Amanda and I had to pull it out and swap it over for one we had at the garage. Friday Steve and I each had an entry in the Super High Rollers gamblers race and carried our moment deep. I eventually lost at 8 cars to the winner and always tough Ricky Baehr and Steve took runner up honors and Ricky decided to beat up on the both of us! Sunday’s main even didn’t go well for us as we lost all our entries by the third round of eliminations.


Last week brought on an event for me that I was super anxious about going to. It was kind of late call to go but Bubba Black and I talked about heading down to Fayetteville North Carolina for the second annual American Door Slammers Nationals presented by Anthony Walton and Michael Beard. Bubba and I made arraignments to just double enter his truck split driving down and make it a quick cheap weekend and hopefully find our way out on top. A little out of my realm as it was an all delay box door car race and I had never even drove bubbas sweet s10 before that day. But we made it work to our best not setting the world on fire in the 20k but came back with vengeance in the 5k race both being double entered down to 12 cars were I lost my entry but bubba followed through grabbing the win and the 5k big check for the night! Awesome job to him and big thanks for letting me beat up on his truck a little for the weekend.


Our next and last event for the year will be back down to Piedmont North Carolina for the Fall Footbrake Frenzy were we hoping to continue this awesome momentum!

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