Bitter Sweet Ending

The always bittersweet last race of the year feeling has finally sunk in, Over Thanksgiving weekend Amanda and I traveled back down to North Carolina this time to Julian, NC home of Piedmont Dragway. I’ve had a little success at Piedmont winning there back in 2010 but haven’t been able to make it back since. I was looking forward to heading back but not looking forward to the cold temperatures they had been predicting for the whole weekend though. The original format for the race was 5K, 20K, and another 5K on Friday Saturday and Sunday, Due to the irregular weather for the time of year there we did not get a chance to get the whole race finished so midway through second round of eliminations we had to call it quits on the night. That left promoters Michael and Anthony with the huge task of figuring out how to make the majority happy, That resulted in them making the great call of holding of the finish of Fridays race until Sunday and taking Sundays original 5K and putting it on top of Saturdays 20K to make it an awesome 25K payday on Saturday, I managed to make it through a few rounds with each of my entries but fell short of the big payday losing with one entry third round and the other entry in the fourth round. What is great about these races is sometimes even when you lose if you manage to do it good enough you can still earn prizes; I was able to collect an awesome two hundred and fifty dollar prize from Mickey Thompson tires for best losing package of that round!

With Saturday officially in the books I had one shot left at it and that was Fridays finish up race on Sunday. My car had been awesome like it has been for the whole second half of the season so that was a huge stress lifted and I was hitting the tree rather well all weekend so I was feeling pretty good. I lost one of my entries in the third round of eliminations but was able to take my second entry all the way down to the last 5 cars where I turned on the always frustrating .001 red light. Not exactly the way I wanted it to end but I will take it regardless we all had a great time and made it home safe and can now start preparation for the upcoming season. Thank you goes out to Michael and Anthony for hosting a great event as well as the whole track staff for doing their all to try to get the races in and keeping our safety in check as well.

In closing I’d like to take a quick minute to reflect on this past season which we couldn’t be more grateful for, this has probably been one of the best years Steve and I have had since we have been racing together as a team, Not only on track success but as far as being able to travel around more than we ever have and get to see new places and people and always making it back home with little to no troubles. In addition I would like to Thank for helping us get this whole deal started and giving us an outlet to shine a little light on sportsman bracket racing, Garry Fleenor who build the transmission in my car that has worked flawlessly for the last two seasons, As well as the great people at Wiseco/K1, Vic Ellinger gave us a huge opportunity to get active in making a great durable Piston/Rod combination that has also been in our cars for the past two season and also have worked flawlessly

Thanks again everyone and we look forward to the “bigger and better” for the year to come!

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