Matt Obertanec

Stevand Racing co-owner and driver Matt Obertanec

Matt Obertanec started with Stevand Racing in 2006, starting off strong by winning Rookie of the Year at Dragway 42. His achievements include winning the 2010 Piedmont (NC) Foot Brake National Championship and the 2011 IHRA Division III Modified ET World Championship in Pittsburgh, PA.

Car: 1980 AMC Spirit

Birthday: 9/18/1988

What is your favorite band? Primus

Your favorite TV show? Scrubs

Your favorite food?  Nothing that’s green and most things with red sauce

Why did you get into racing? It just happened, I was going to the track as long as i remember watching Steve as a kid so it was just a natural progression from there

What was your biggest win? I’d have to say winning the Div 3 bracket finals was pretty big, Anytime you get in a magazine your doing something right!

What was your most heartbreaking loss? Losing in the finals in a run off for a brand new 28′ vintage enclosed trailer at the Halloween classic

What’s your favorite part about being at the track? Enjoying the company of the friends you make while there and the competitiveness of racing now a days.

What’s your least favorite part about being at the track? All the cold nights at the track early in the year and late in the year and when it rains.

Why does Stevand Racing run AMC? I got the car for free so that was one of the reasons. But growing up around them kinda helped that decision and they have a pretty cool style about them that I like.

What are your racing goals? To stay competitive and never stop learning.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve run into meeting those goals? Trying to balance working all week in PA and maintaining my racing operation on the weekends in Ohio.


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