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Steve Obertanec has been racing since 1989 and has the championships you’d expect from that kind of experience. His highlights include capping off a championship 1995 season by winning the IHRA Bracket World Finals Midwest Modified ET World Championship and taking home the 2005 Halloween Classic Grand Championship. Steve is a founding member of Stevand Racing and is a driving force behind Steve drives a 1972 AMC Gremlin.

Dragway 42 Test & Tune 4/29

Boy am I glad it rained yesterday! I was pretty confident that the old Gremlin would run as good as it did when it was put away for the winter after the Halloween Classic last fall.

Everything looked good until the car got out far enough to shift into high gear. It decided to nose over & lose power. I lifted & coasted. I was puzzled. I drove it back to the pit area & started looking things over. I cleaned the fuel filter & raised the floats in the carburetor a little & headed back up to try again but wound up with the same results.

So what to do next??? Yep, I tore it all apart. It had to be a fuel delivery problem. I checked everything possible. Continue reading Dragway 42 Test & Tune 4/29

Thrash to the Beginning!

This is the first Driver Blog! Throughout the season, Steve, Matt, or Andy Obertanec will weigh in with their personal experiences or funny track stories. There’s no better way to learn about Stevand Racing than to hear it straight from the family that is making it happen.

By Steve Obertanec

When the snow thaws & the tulips pop their pretty little heads out of the ground we start to think racing! Then the fear sets in. We start to ask ourselves what do I have to do to get ready? This week all that comes to a sudden end & we start the racing season.

I am in the process of updating some things in my trailer. Last year was my first time in 20 years of racing to finally buy an enclosed trailer. I used it all last year & researched how I wanted to finish the inside. Between the cold & the wind the past couple of weeks I managed to get new 110v lighting, painted the rear floor & put in diamond plate runners. I did the final update of putting some glue down vinyl tile up front as a work area. Some day it will have cabinets but for now it’s done. We need to get loaded for the races. Continue reading Thrash to the Beginning!