What A Week!

It is amazing what you can get done in a week that would typically take a winter’s worth of work to do!

This past week was a perfect example of hurry up and get it done. With the weather forecast looking great for the past weekend it was not an option to sit it out. My big issue was that pesky header leak that had to be fixed. What should have been an easy task turned into something more than that.

Its almost impossible to get the header out of my 1980 Spirit because under the hood is so cramped, Continue reading What A Week!

Weekly Update May 5th and 6th

After last week’s rainout at Summit Motorsports Park and a test and tune at Dragway 42, the weekend of May 5th– 6th was the first official race weekend for Stevand Racing in 2012.

 Saturday at SummitMotorsportsParkwasn’t perfect for Steve and Matt Obertanec, but there were valuable points earned and important lessons learned.

Matt’s AMC Spirit ran slower than expected after switching to a new 2-speed transmission, but the motor ran well and Matt adapted well to a bed situation. Continue reading Weekly Update May 5th and 6th

Rise & Shine!

Welcome race fans!

It’s Saturday morning and the ritual begins. I’ts always a little slow moving after a long work week but there’s plenty of time to rest later. Stumble out of bed and eat some morning energy. For me that’s a glass of milk and a couple of cookies. The breakfast of a champion I hope. Sit at the computer to check the weather to get an idea how long you have to relax before the haul to the track. If it’s sunny, try to get one thing done on the “Honey Do” list before you head out.

Then we start to figure out what to take to the track for food. Half the time its a couple of bags of chips, but we always try to do better than that. When we’re at the track we sit for sometimes hours but rarely do we find time to eat. It’s a racer thing I think.

Then the rigs get loaded, last minute car repairs are made, and a run through the check list means it’s time to hit the gas pump. WOW, the gas pump! Enough said about that…

It takes us about 45 minutes to get to Summit Motorsports Park, that’s a lot of time to think about how your race day is going to play out. You roll through every scenario you can think of, right down to being in the final and getting your picture in the winners circle. We pull in the gate,  find our friends, and try to shoe horn our way in to park near them. That’s where the fun begins. The long awaited reunion with all the friends you haven’t seen in a week. You feel like you’re at Cheers, where everybody knows your name.

That’s about how we get there on a Saturday morning. Stay tuned to see if it all plays out like we planned on the way to the track. Come and join us anytime!

My Reintroduction Into Drag Racing

I’m Josh Flagner, and this is my first contribution to Stevand Racing. I’m co-owner – along with Ryan Isley – of More Than a Fan, Stevand Racing’s online sponsor. More Than a Fan is updated at least twice daily with the sports opinions of writers all over the country.

“Auto racing began five minutes after the second car was built.” – Henry Ford

I can vividly remember those years in my life when a roaring engine was the absolute coolest thing in the world. The radio ads from Norwalk Raceway Park – now Summit Motorsports Park – would incite the kinds of excitement from my little brother and I that would later in life be reserved for sneaking a kiss during a school dance, or finally getting to drive mom’s car. Once you add semis with jet engines and fire-breathing, car eating robots, the need to spend a summer night watching burnouts and eating ice cream was more than a boy could bear.

Fast forward 22 years and my fascination with things that shoot fire and make loud noises remains unchanged. The sole exception to my situation now and the one I lived in as a child is now I don’t have to beg mom and dad to take me to see the races. Continue reading My Reintroduction Into Drag Racing

Dragway 42 Test & Tune 4/29

Boy am I glad it rained yesterday! I was pretty confident that the old Gremlin would run as good as it did when it was put away for the winter after the Halloween Classic last fall.

Everything looked good until the car got out far enough to shift into high gear. It decided to nose over & lose power. I lifted & coasted. I was puzzled. I drove it back to the pit area & started looking things over. I cleaned the fuel filter & raised the floats in the carburetor a little & headed back up to try again but wound up with the same results.

So what to do next??? Yep, I tore it all apart. It had to be a fuel delivery problem. I checked everything possible. Continue reading Dragway 42 Test & Tune 4/29

Soggy Start

At this time of year you never know what your going to get dealt!

My weekend starts off with a mid-Friday decision to skip out of work two hours early to get a jump on the work I need to get done on the car before the big weekend.

I start my two hour journey from work to tropical Lodi with a quick stop at Summit Racing Equipment for some last minute parts. I get in town around 7:30pm, pull the car out of the trailer and start thrashing. At about midnight – and 35 degrees – I decided to call it quits for the night and get a fresh start in the morning.

So about 8:30 (and I’m not a real morning person) I get after it again. I had every intention on leaving for the track at 9:00 am. Well, lets just say that did not happen. With the clock working its way towards 11:00 am, I decided to just bubble gum everything back together head out and hope for the best.

Lucky for me, as soon as we pulled into the track there was a rain snow mix storm that blew through and put the knife in the day. So now its back to working on the car for the week and fixing things the right way and get ready to hit it hard next weekend with a points race at Summit Motorsports Park on Saturday and our first points race at Dragway 42 on Sunday.


Thrash to the Beginning!

This is the first Driver Blog! Throughout the season, Steve, Matt, or Andy Obertanec will weigh in with their personal experiences or funny track stories. There’s no better way to learn about Stevand Racing than to hear it straight from the family that is making it happen.

By Steve Obertanec

When the snow thaws & the tulips pop their pretty little heads out of the ground we start to think racing! Then the fear sets in. We start to ask ourselves what do I have to do to get ready? This week all that comes to a sudden end & we start the racing season.

I am in the process of updating some things in my trailer. Last year was my first time in 20 years of racing to finally buy an enclosed trailer. I used it all last year & researched how I wanted to finish the inside. Between the cold & the wind the past couple of weeks I managed to get new 110v lighting, painted the rear floor & put in diamond plate runners. I did the final update of putting some glue down vinyl tile up front as a work area. Some day it will have cabinets but for now it’s done. We need to get loaded for the races. Continue reading Thrash to the Beginning!

Welcome to Stevand Racing at More Than a Fan!

More Than a Fan has partnered with Stevand Racing, LLC to present a brand new web presence. Stevand Racing at More Than a Fan is the online home of the Obertanec family and their drag racing adventures.

Here at Stevand Racing, we’ll be providing updates on the team’s successes, posting schedules, showing off picture galleries, and introducing readers to the life and inner workings of the Medina, Ohio based drag racing team.

Stevand Racing spends most of its time at Summit Motorsports Park and Dragway 42, but you’ll also be getting updates from Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and more.

More Than a Fan is an opinion based sports website co-owned by Ryan Isley and myself – Josh Flagner. I couldn’t be happier to have made this partnership with Andy, Steve, and Matt Obertanec, and I’m looking forward to meeting a whole new family of readers and friends in our travels to Summit Motorsports Park and Dragway 42. If any new readers have any questions about Stevand Racing or about the website in general, please email me at josh@morethanafan.net

That’s it for the introduction! Look around, have fun, and ask every question that comes to mind!


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