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My Reintroduction Into Drag Racing

I’m Josh Flagner, and this is my first contribution to Stevand Racing. I’m co-owner – along with Ryan Isley – of More Than a Fan, Stevand Racing’s online sponsor. More Than a Fan is updated at least twice daily with the sports opinions of writers all over the country.

“Auto racing began five minutes after the second car was built.” – Henry Ford

I can vividly remember those years in my life when a roaring engine was the absolute coolest thing in the world. The radio ads from Norwalk Raceway Park – now Summit Motorsports Park – would incite the kinds of excitement from my little brother and I that would later in life be reserved for sneaking a kiss during a school dance, or finally getting to drive mom’s car. Once you add semis with jet engines and fire-breathing, car eating robots, the need to spend a summer night watching burnouts and eating ice cream was more than a boy could bear.

Fast forward 22 years and my fascination with things that shoot fire and make loud noises remains unchanged. The sole exception to my situation now and the one I lived in as a child is now I don’t have to beg mom and dad to take me to see the races. Continue reading My Reintroduction Into Drag Racing